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September 1, 2015

There’s a large shift in my schedule now. A new adventure I’m so excited to learn a lot from career-wise. So I guess I wouldn’t be here as often as what was. But worry not. The weekends will be the answer for my blogging absence. We will all be fine. 😉

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Kadayawan 2015.

August 28, 2015

These pictures are from last week’s festivities and it is only now that I get to do a post about them since, to quote David Nicholls, life happened hihihi. So I do hope you enjoy these photos because these were taken with so much love and positivity on our end! 😉

Saturday 8.22.15

Kadayawan Festival davao city0001 0002 0008 0010 0011

Our way of celebrating the Kadayawan on a swelteringly hot Saturday was to go to this lovely local cinema house called Cinematheque and which screens local or foreign indie films (depends on the month’s movie theme) the whole year round. Most of the screenings they have require no entrance fees but for this particular month, since newly-made local indie films are involved, there’s 100-peso fee for each viewer.

an kubo sa kawayanan, mercedes cabral, cinemalaya,  Alvin Yapan

We went to see Alvin Yapan’s film An Kubo Sa Kawayanan (The House by the Bamboo Grove)which stars the beautiful and formidable Mercedes Cabral as Michelle, a woman who has a strange love story with her house by the bamboo grove. We may have arrived almost 15 minutes late, but we still enjoyed the film immensely and were left enchanted by Ms. Cabral’s screen presence (as always).

Mercedes Cabral, An Kubo Sa KAwayanan Mercedes Cabral, An Kubo Sa KAwayananmercedes cabral


Got to pose with the great Lino Brocka too! (I can’t even compete with that pose.)

311 SAM_1605


This was the scene outside a park beside the cinema house. Cartoon foil balloons! KAKYOOOT!
CARTOON FOIL BALLOONS, Davao city, Kadayawan

CARTOON FOIL BALLOONS, Davao city, Kadayawan

CARTOON FOIL BALLOONS, Davao city, Kadayawan


Also bookshopped’ til we dropped come evening at BookSale SM Lanang Branch.

32 SAM_1630 SAM_1631 SAM_1634 SAM_1639


Sunday 8.23.15

0023 0025 0027 0029

Sunday we lived like proper cinephiles for a day. Started with M:I Rogue Nation, then on to Inside Out, and the last would be The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

All three movies we watched that day were very entertaining and didn’t disappoint! 😉



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