I’m Flea. I LOVE visiting flea markets, surfing the internet for things that interest me, collect and save beautiful photos and write down on notepads interesting feature articles from the web. So I started this blog just so I could share these finds and at the same time put to use my Creative Writing degree, which I haven’t put to use and has been in total hibernation since graduating from the uni.

Again, I fancy anything to do with fashion, music, photography, movies, basically all forms of art, mermaid hair, fairytales, books, drinking a glass of wine, vegetable salads, flowers, lofty thoughts, wishful thinking and anything that celebrates beauty in this world.

I write anonymously. That way, I am less critical of my own writing. In my next lifetime, I want to be either of the two: a Swiss billionaire with mild OCD or an Italian vineyard owner. At present, I am a working class English tutor with the mild OCD minus the vineyard.

Additional note: Despite how pricey domains could get, I am keeping this blog because I believe  I could optimize it into something BIG in the future, something that could pay the rent and other bills and eventually lead me to my life goals. I HAVEN’T FIGURED IT OUT JUST YET. But until then, I hope you enjoy this blog and lots of love for you! 😉