April 9, 2017



  1. Logan (2017)

If you haven’t seen it by now, then, MAN, THAT SUCKS. Quoting  Justin Bieber’s golden truth (hahahahaaha), BELIEVE. Believe the hype, believe the flood of rave reviews, believe Hugh Jackman. This is no Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or X-Men: Apocalypse. It is surely a legitimately good, insanely well-acted, edge-of-your-seat, character-driven superhero movie. One that’s worth seeing in the big screen simply because we don’t catch this kind too often.

The gritty and mature tone of which the whole film is set into was the best complement for Hugh Jackman’s incredible portrayal of the old and world-weary Wolverine. The supporting casts were equally interesting, un-flat and endearing. There’s Dafne Keen who was a live wire. Patrick Stewart as father-figure to Logan was both funny and heart-breaking. There’s Caliban, who also serves as family to Logan. Even Donald Pierce, portrayed very well by Boyd Holbrook, though a baddie, was surprisingly enjoyable. And the kids! There’s nothing more adorable than seeing Logan protect the kids with a burning fierceness.

Everything is intense. Everything is electrifying. The movie has depth and heart. There was astounding energy in my theater. So do yourself a favor, catch it on the big screen while you still can.


2. Love (2015)

I watched this  film out of sheer curiosity.  The marketing was intense and promised raw sex in 3D. So there goes why I easily took the bait. I have nothing against a movie with too much sex as long as the story strongly calls for it. But no, everything in this movie feels ridiculously gratuitous, unnecessarily vulgar and exploitative. Script was laughable. It has more cheese than I could ever handle in a movie. No character was likable. The main lead is a whiny asshole who couldn’t face the consequences his actions took him, and that’s basically his attitude the whole 2 hours and 15 minutes runtime so good luck watching this, you who wouldn’t heed this warning. If you are looking for something sexy and sensual and still have a plausible story, watch Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers or Clement Virgo’s Lie with Me instead.


3. Power Rangers (2017)

THIS MOVIE SERIOUSLY GAVE ME A HEADACHE. I was going to pass on this one, seeing the trailers and all, but since my boyfriend and friends want to catch it on the cinema together, there we were in front of the big screen — all 90’s kids and BIG power rangers fans.

Ridiculous writing, embarrassing acting, pathetic script, extremely bad and ugly humor (“you know what’s edgy? an accidental handjob to a stolen bull. let’s put that in the final script,” said one movie intern who’s obviously bestfriends with the writers), devoid of the original’s campy fun, and the most awaited action sequence only happening for about 30 minutes shy from the end (note: it has a 2hr and 4mins runtime accrdng to IMDb). I am not even going to tell you what the rest of the time was all about. Go buy a ticket. Watch it. Because apparently, misery loves company. HAHAHAHA


4. Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Quoting from the book The Off-Hollywood Film Guide by Tom Weiner, the visuals in any film are its most important component. But you don’t need to know this beforehand to see how magnificently made the movie Kong: Skull Island is because watching the film will hand you that truth so naturally.

It’s a formidable giant of nonstop eye-candy, it has some of the best gradient moments I’ve ever seen on film, fast-paced, never short of thrills, and boasts cool 70’s music. Also loved how certain parts of the film poked fun at usual film tropes such as self-sacrificing characters (shout-out to Shea Whigham as Cole, you, sir, were hilarious and amazing there!) and the use of mindless hypocritical spiels that could change the minds of enemies.

Although I loved Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake of the 1930’s original film, I think this new version works more for me because they took out that beauty and the beast love angle and the Kong in New York part (which I never liked anyway cause it’s painful to watch and unnecessary for me).

I really do appreciate, as well, the change-up from using the character of a glamorous blonde actress into an accomplished female war photographer. That surely made my heart do a cartwheel.

Plus, man….you have got to catch that montage of Kong vs a rageful Samuel L. Jackson see eye to eye. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it now and have monster-movie fun. Long live the King!


FUN FACT: The Mother Longlegs spiders could be a homage to the giant spider with crab claws that was cut from the original 1933 King Kong movie. Also the Skull Crawlers could be a homage to the two legged lizard that climbs up the side of the mountain in the original movie.


5. Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Well, to be honest here, I went inside the movie theatre with not much high expectations. So imagine the surprise I have when I came out of it very happy, very impressed and all over the place raving about how exceptionally good the movie turned out to be IMO.

The visuals were extraordinary, the dialogue very well-written and funny, the story’s pacing was fast and appropriate, lyrics of the songs fit perfectly in their own respective scenes, dance choreography was amazing, set-designs were inspiring, and the color grading on fleek (for the lack of other terms hihi).

Emma Watson as Belle gave a solid performance but I think the heart of the movie was the collective performances of all individual characters, most especially the supporting casts. The CGI characters were highly amusing. Luke Evans as Gaston really shone through. And don’t even get me started on how entertaining Josh Gad as LeFou was! You won’t want me raving about him in circles. I feel super thankful that the writers added gay characters in the story, although quite so subtly since, of course, it’s still a Disney movie. I think it is already time for Disney to incorporate LGBT visibility in their films and make kids understand to be accepting towards different kinds of people.

I also loved the fact that this movie gave Belle and Beast’s romance a better build-up, thus giving it with more depth and making it more believable and organic for my adult Disney-fangirl mind. Sigh…. Beast’s death scene really made me tear up.

I’ll never be ashamed to recommend this to anyone. This is certainly one of the best fairytale movie adaptations out there! ?

(NOTE: To appreciate this movie even MORE, watch this video to see the 10 movie mistakes, goofs & plot holes that Beauty And The Beast (2017) fixed from the 1991 Disney classic!)


6. Lights Out (2016)

Highly unnerving, the scares work effectively, good pacing, and although the backstory feels derivative, the movie still stands with a very potent plot. Teresa Palmer gives another solid performance alongside an equally impressive Gabriel Bateman (who was still 11 years old during the movie’s production).

This movie is definitely one of those perfect fright-night movies to watch with friends/family — of course with the lights out. ?


7. Pet (2016)

I don’t understand the low scores this movie has on imdb and rt. I think it’s a modern psychological thriller that deserves more love.

It’s entertaining, it’s PACKED (take note of the caps lock on) with twists and turns which greatly compelled me to get through it til the very end despite its gore. Believe me, my boyfriend and I got so many ‘whoa! mindblown’ moments it was crazy and funny. I am one who actively steers away from grisly movies (though I LOVE Dexter) and so the fact that I was hooked from start to finish should speak for how effectively engrossing the story was.

The casts were great. Dominic Monaghan was perfect as a creepy stalker. Da’Vone McDonald as guard Nate was very entertaining. Ksenia Solo as Hollie was outstanding. This is the first time I’ve seen her in a movie and she totally killed it! (Pun definitely intended hihihi)


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