Blade Runner 2049 (2017).

October 15, 2017

I adore Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford as actors, the cinematography was awesome, but the raves this film got is something I wouldn’t understand. I love moody and gritty films but this is not it. A lot of scenes were very dull for my taste and just dragged on far too long. And it was misogynist af. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a movie that so shamelessly objectifies the female body, but this one champions it. I understand that there are nude scenes necessary to a film’s story, but there were WAY more male gazey and lingering shots of the female body in this film.

And that “threesome”, whoever thought about that is a Weinstein creep!

It was not a good cinema experience. The couple sitting in front of us left 2 hours into the movie, people were shaking their heads as we left the theatre.

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