Pink Hair, Blue Hair, Pastel Hair, Don’t Care.

September 9, 2014

pastel hair

HA! How I wish I could say that (see title). Unfortunately, I have my long hair deeply tangled to the shackles of conformity and so here I am now, slumped in front of my PC, gushing at awesome pastel hair of awesome girls who are brave and free enough to take the candy-coloured path. I swear I’m going to have blue hair when I turn 50. I think no one would mess with me and my decisions by then. Bwahahahahahahaha. Yeah, I’m def. going to do that. ;p

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chanel_pastel_hairbobschanel9silvermermaid8217s_hair_tumblrbluehair4Bello-Magazine-Covermake-your-own-pastel-hairtumblr_lzln2emXvF1qbxzsgo1_5001325270938201300blue-white hairhow-to-wear-pastel-hairsasha-pivovarovabluecoloredhairArt pastel coloursvioletblueblue hair2bluelargeBlue-hair-Blog-Benettonblue-teal-ombre-hairfleafkgjroodjhffchanel-pastel-bobslana blueblue hair 1tumblr_l7ubioJh9P1qzcn63o1_500_large  e1e37c73f2a8df80a6fcb82d173c52e1






blue hair3


blue ombre hair12



How bout you, will you take the plunge? If so, don’t forget to moisturize your hair regularly for a shiny finish 😉


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