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Murder on the Orient Express (2017).

December 6, 2017

IMDb: When a murder occurs on the train he’s travelling on, celebrated detective Hercule Poirot is recruited to solve the case.


I have yet to watch the original and was kinda dismayed by the RottenTomatoes score it got. I think it deserves higher but I really don’t care anymore. RT has certainly lost me when they gave Arrival a high score. Anyways, I was very much impressed by the movie from start to finish, it’s now one of my top favorites.


EVERYONE is fantastic, but these two are my favorite:


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Murder on the Orient Express | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX.

June 2, 2017

IMDb: A lavish train ride unfolds into a stylish & suspenseful mystery. From the novel by Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express tells of thirteen stranded strangers & one man’s race to solve the puzzle before the murderer strikes again.


?❣️ ***screaming*** ?❣️

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Cinderella (2015).

June 3, 2015


cinderella 2015, Lily James

Was able to see Cinderella some two nights ago and although the copy I got from my dear friend wasn’t in HD and the audio sounded a little bit bottled, I enjoyed the movie IMMENSELY. I just felt so giddy about the entire thing I berated my sister for not liking it as much as I do. Cray-cray. Anyhoo, as I was saying, I think it’s the BEST live-action adaptation of a fairytale so far (followed by La belle et la bête and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland). The movie is visually impressive and more than satisfying with its delightful explosion of colour and spectacular costumes.

cinderella 2015


goose Cinderella


Another thing that’s quite impressive is its narrative. It was presented in a way that’s moving, touching and tender without being too schmaltzy and I think that’s quite rare in most fairytale-to-movie adaptations recently. There were moments where I got genuinely emotional (much to my surprise) over some scenes such as the death-bed ones and of course during that sad knock on the door. Again, I think that’s because of how skillfully represented those scenes were by the direction as well as the cast.


fairy godmother


And speaking of the cast….hmmmm….I couldn’t find a way how NOT to sound like I’m fangirling but to hell with that. One critic wrote that Lily James was a revelation in the movie and I absolutely agree, which makes me want to hug that critic. Lily definitely carried the movie very well (I was actually ready to bitch about anyone who will ruin one of my beloved fairytale muse) —- she gave the right balance of sweetness, innocence and sincerity without being saccharine and cloying. Lady Tremaine was given a context for her meanness and cold-heartedness and leave it to La Blanchett to inject some pathos and “human-ness” to one of the coldest bitches of the fairytale world.


Lady Tremaine


More of my favorite characters include the adorable Captain (who btw is a GoT alumnus weee!), the evil step-sisters who were more like the female versions of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, the very hilarious duo: the Lizard footman and the Goose Coachman, the amazing fairy godmother (ofcourse!) portrayed by no other than HRH Helena Bonham Carter. And good lord, that PRINCE. I WILL CLIMB THAT LIKE A TREE.

Prince Kit gif, Richard Madden gif


So to sum everything up, this movie is charming, brilliantly stylish and enchanting. I regret NOT seeing it in the movie-theatre (having been left unsatisfied as a cinema-goer by Maleficent, Mirror,Mirror and Into the Woods so I decided to pass up and wait for available online download instead.) It was obviously a slight error of judgement on my part.

Lily James


Some other thoughts while watching that movie:


Richard Madden, Cinderella, Prince Kit


** THE. PANTS. OOOOOOooohhhh goodness gracious…can’t. handle. DIS TEW MUCH.

Richard Madden pants


*** HBC looking like a white Nicki Minaj.

cinderella, helena bonham carter


**** The ball scene, good lord…. Stunning costumes and CGI work. My heart’s soooooooo happy it ached a little bit.

Cinderella party ball, Cinderella ball scene

Cinderella ball gown

cinderella gif


***** gahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Mary and the Secret Garden!

secret garden


***** Awwwwwww, that walk home in the soft rain. another fave scene.

cinderella 2015, walking home Cinderella scene


***** Jesuschrist, that’s STELLAN SKARSGARD!!!! Mind-blown.

cinderella, stellan skarsgard


****** Why the efffff isn’t she opening her window??!!!!! GURRRRLLL, OPEN THAT WINDOW. HURRY!

Cinderella window scene


******AWWWWWWW…..her wedding dress is lovely. kinda reminds me of this other wedding dress. <3<3<3

Cinderella wedding gown, Cinderella wedding scene

Cinderella wedding gown, Cinderella wedding scene

Cinderella wedding gown, Cinderella wedding scene

Cinderella wedding gown, Cinderella wedding scene


******* Holymother. Hello there, Kenneth Branagh!

Kenneth Branagh

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